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PROJECT ARCADIA is a Bulgarian modern melodic/power metal band. We recorded our new album "A Time Of Changes" with one of the best singers in the genre - Urban breed, whom you might know from his work with bands such as TAD MOROSE, BLOODBOUND and TRAIL OF MURDER.
 Release dates:
Sep. 9  on CD on Nightmare Records for NA and DIGITAL (world).
Sep. 26 on CD on Nightmare Records for Eu, UK and Japan.
Sep. 26 on CD on PA Music for Bg and the rest of the world.


Chapter 7

New album "A Time Of Changes" was released through Lance King's Nightmare Records and has been receiving great reviews from critics all over the world. You can read them in the REVIEWS section of our site HERE.

Chapter 6

In March 2012, after the band played a gig as a support act for Fates Warning, the boys decided to part ways with singer Alexander Atanassov, so Plamen contacted Swedish singer extraordinaire Urban breed (spelled with a lowercase "b"). The band started recording its second album later that year.

Chapter 5

March 2011

Two new members on board - Daniel Dimitrov (drums) and Villy Neshev (guitar).
We played as support of Epica. The gig was even better than our show as support of Firewind and left everyone satisfied with what they saw.

See a gallery from the show here

Chapter 4

January 2010

On January 09, 2009 Project Arcadia played as support of the Greek metal heroes Firewind. The gig was amazing and what was interesting was that there were no negative reviews - something whic is quite rare in Bulgaria.

See a gallery from the show here

Chapter 3

October 2009

In October 2009 ABV Pro released our debut album "From The Desert Of Desire". The album received good reviews from the most popular metal sites in Bulgaria (you can read some of these reviews in the READ sections of our site under the REVIEWS tab)

Chapter 2

September 2009

Time for some more music. On September 15 2009 ABVPRO is releasing our second single - "Without A Trace". This time we cover QUEENSRYCHE's "I Will Remember", turning their awesome ballad into a power metal anthem and we do exactly the opposite with one of our songs - we've included an acoustic version of "Lost Paradise" - one of the most powerful songs that you will find on the forthcoming album. The single will cost 4.50 BGN and will be available in the biggest metal shops in the country.

Here is the current line-up:
  • Alexander Atanasov - vocals
  • Plamen Uzunov - guitar
  • Emil Rachev - guitar
  • Dobromir Paraskov - bass
  • Teodor Yankov - drums

Guest musician:
  • Georgi Slavchev - piano on "Lost Paradise"

Chapter 1

September 2008

We've been together for some time - it's not really important for how long (if you really want to know, read Chapter 0).What matters is that we already have some great metal songs and we're getting ready to unleash our music on you like a fist of steel in your face. Let's start writing Project Arcadia's boigraphy together - you as our first fans, and we as a bunch of true metal maniacs. Something big is headed your way. Prepare for the album you've been waiting for.

So here's the first page in our history: on September 15 2008 we are areleasing our first single - NOT MY DESTINY. It will be distrubuted FOR FREE, so make sure you get your own copy at the bigger Bulgarian metal stores.

The musicians playing on this CD are:
  • Alexander Atanasov - vocals
  • Plamen Uzunov - guitars
  • Ivo Ikonomov - bass (Eridan)
  • Teodor Yankov - drums

Chapter 0 - The early years (for really curious fans only)


Teodor becomes a member of the band. Dobromir Paraskov joins the band on bass. The line-up is finally complete.


Plamen meets Aleksander Atanasov and PROJECT ARCADIA is finally born. They start recording their debut album with the help of Ivo Ikonomov from ERIDAN on bass and using Teodor Yankov as a hired gun on drums.

(Plamen's personal notes: I still remember very clearly the moment I first heard the home demo of "Not My Destiny" I had sent to Aleksander with his vocals on it. The quality of the recording was poor but I was blown away. It was quite clear I had finally found the singer I'd been looking for for almost a decade.)


Plamen starts looking for a singer and tries to reform the band.

He contacts Teodor Koichinov, who would later become the runner up in the Bulgarian MUSIC IDOL. Teodor promises to sing a couple of songs but he and Plamen never actually get to doing that. Plamen also contacts Yasen Zerdev, who would also become the runner up in the next MUSIC IDOL. They go in the studio and Yasen sings two songs. Yasen's voice is great but is not suitable for that style of music. Plamen also calls Delyan from SJK who agrees to sing on a few songs but then decides not to. Plamen then calls ERIDAN's singer, known to most fans as Trasha and they record a great demo version of one of the songs which would later be rerecorded by PROJECT ARCADIA for their debut album.

(Plamen's personal notes: so many singers and finally Trasha was somebody who could really do the job. He is a great guy and I'm eternally grateful to him for bringing back hope to me.)

2004 - 2005

The band is in a hiatus.

(Plamen's personal notes: honestly - I have no memories of what the hell I was doing at that time. If somebody knows, please tell me.)


Plamen is contacted by Pavlin Manev (vocals). They record 3 songs and three covers. Pavlin then uses the covers to audition for the band MUSIC STATION and eventually becomes their singer. Plamen then calls Anatoly Tonev once again. They record 3 more songs and the first six-song demo of Arcadia becomes a fact, featuring two different singers, each singing on 3 songs.

(Plamen's personal notes: God, that was a period of frustration and desperation. I knew the songs were good, but I had bad luck over and over with the singers.)

2002 -2003

Plamen starts writing music with Anton Tenev (his ex-bandmate from MONSTER) and Anatoly Tonev with whom they have also played together in an early incarnation of Arcadia.

(Plamen's personal notes: boy, those songs were good. Anton had a completely different style of writing music and I just loved his songs. And Anatoly is an amazing singer. It's such a pity that he chose to devote his life to other things.)


The band moves to Sofia. Plamen and Ivan prepare to record a 3 song demo with the singer of EXITUS, but Ivan decides to quit. He is replaced by Spas Dimitrov - another drummer from Kazanlak, who has also played with EXITUS, MONOLITH, MATAKKA, and later with MASTILO as a hired gun.

Plamen and Spas record a song in Alcatraz Studio in Plovdiv with Konstantin Katsarov - the singer of the Bulgarian band RENEGAT.

(Plamen's personal notes: Playing with Spas was a blast. He is so good that I remember starting to laugh while we played because he was just kicking the shit out of them drums. I guess that's what death metal does to people - some of his favorite bands are Morbid Angel, Death etc.)


Julian Iliev switches to guitar and Svetoslav Jalkov returns on bass. The band splits. Plamen and Ivan record their first studio song with the singer of the band EXITUS.

Julian and Svetoslav form ROSEBOURG and record the critically acclaimed demo "Deathly Silence" with the singer of one of the best Bulgarian bands - SJK.

(Plamen's personal notes: before we split we rehearsed for quite a while and actually became very tight as a band. I still love the guitar duel I had with Julian on one of the songs.)


Plamen Uzunov (guitars) and Ivan Braikov (drums) start the band Arcadia together with Julian Iliev (bass). Svetoslav Jalkov is in the army.

In August 1998 they record their first two song demo with a local female singer.

(Plamen's personal notes: we used two decks but the recording turned out very decent. Everything was 100% live and there was only one take of each song. This demo still brings a smile when I listen to it.)

1994 - 1997

Plamen Uzunov (guitars), Svetoslav Jalkov (bass) and Anatoly Tonev play together in a band in Kazanlak.

(Plamen's personal notes: those were great times. We played in an attic and had the hell of a lot of fun. We laughed our asses off and enjoyed every minute of it. The singer screamed so loud that children from a nearby school complained they couldn't pay attention in class)

1992 - 1993

Plamen Uzunov (guitars), Anton Tenev (guitars), Atanas Papadakis (bass) and Ivan Braikov (drums) form the band MONSTER in Kazanlak.

(Plamen's personal notes: those times were just plain fucking amazing. That's when I discovered good music. Before that I only listened to death metal stuff and had no idea how many great bands there were in other styles. We had lots of fun. Our guitars were very crappy. We didn't have any real amps or real guitar effects. Anton's amp was actually a cardboard box with wires coming out of it and his distortion was in a sewing machine pedal. Still we managed to record a video of a live show which is still really great to watch, We were kids and played in front of about fifty local fans who banged their heads like maniacs. In those times that was a sight you didn't see very often.)

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We're right there with Kiss, Lynch Mob, Ritchie Kotzen, Scorpions etc...

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