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PROJECT ARCADIA is a Bulgarian modern melodic/power metal band. We recorded our new album "A Time Of Changes" with one of the best singers in the genre - Urban breed, whom you might know from his work with bands such as TAD MOROSE, BLOODBOUND and TRAIL OF MURDER.
 Release dates:
Sep. 9  on CD on Nightmare Records for NA and DIGITAL (world).
Sep. 26 on CD on Nightmare Records for Eu, UK and Japan.
Sep. 26 on CD on PA Music for Bg and the rest of the world.


Project Arcadia to support Fates Warning in Sofia and Outloud in Greece

Well, what more could we say? Just be there because, trust me, these will be two very emotional nights for us. We can't wait.

Live at club "The Box" - 25 november, 2011.

Hi, folks, We'd like to invite you to our 5th anniversary birthday party at club "The Box", Sofia, Bulgaria, on NOv 25. We promise a lot of headbanging and beer drinking. See ya there.

Hi, folks

We're still working on our new album "Time Of Changes". Recording has been going pretty weel so far. We'll probably release a new single this fall and hopefully have the album finished by January. Greetings and stay cool. In the meantime check our bass player doing a great job on this annihilator song

Listen to our new single.

You can hear the title track from our new single HERE
The video is also ready. You'll be able to see it next Monday (06.06.2011). We'll also play it at our show this Saturday (04.06.2011). Hope to see you there.

New single, cover and live date.

Hey Arcadians,

As you can see from the picture, the cover of the first single from our upcoming album is ready.

This masterpiece was kindly created for us by Kalina Toneva - http://kalinatoneva.deviantart.com/gallery/

We're also almost ready with recording the single itself. Come see us play on June 4, 2011 at the Box Club (Sofia) and you will hear the title track from it live.

Check out our  Youtube channel HERE

Check out our recent live performance video as support for EPICA on March 26, 2011 in Sofia - GED

See you all at The Box Club on June 4, Staurday!

You can buy tickets HERE

Stay the course and rock hard

2 videos from our show as support for Epica on 26.03.2011


New Drummer On Board. The Band Is Stronger Than Ever

Project Arcadia has come back to life and we are stronger than ever. We are proud to present our new drummer Daniel Dimitrov. At 22, he is the youngest member of the band, but he managed to blow us all away from the first song we ever played together. There's a bright future ahead of him and it is a pleasure for all of us to be part of it. Greetings to all our fans and expect great news from our camp very soon.

"Lost Paradise" poll

Hey Arcadians,

Our song "Lost Paradise" keeps raising various questions, such as

     • "The acoustic song from the video and Lost Paradise from the album are in fact one and the same song, right?";
     • "Why didn't you include the acoustic version on the Debut album?";
     • "Where can I get the acoustic version of Lost Paradise from?", etc.

Well, let us make it clear that "Lost Paradise" was composed and recoded in two versions:

     • As an acoustic version - included in our second single "Without A Trace", released in 2009 and including a metalized cover version of Queensryche's masterpiece "I will remember"). The acoustic version of "Lost Paradise" is also our first video;

     • As a metal version, which is Track 3 from our debut album;

We are happy to give you both versions of the song for a free download.You can also vote for your favorite version of Lost Paradise in the poll in the top left corner of the site. You can hear the two versions in the players above the poll or download them here: ACOUSTIC VERSION and METAL VERSION .


rocklivebg.com - review of

"To me "From The Desert Of Desire" is the best album, released by a Bulgarian band in the last 6 or 7 years and I think we will have to wait for quite a few years for something better to see the light of day. I hope this"something" is the band's second album." Read more HERE

"From The Desert Of Desire" - review (8 of 10 - Pro-Rock Magazine)

"Among the heaps of promo CD's of new bands that land on my desk every month, this is the album I've listened to the most, and it is not because I'm a patriot".
Read more HERE

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Well, what more could we say? Just be there because, trust me, these will be two very emotional nights for us. We can't wait.

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