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PROJECT ARCADIA is a Bulgarian modern melodic/power metal band. We recorded our new album "A Time Of Changes" with one of the best singers in the genre - Urban breed, whom you might know from his work with bands such as TAD MOROSE, BLOODBOUND and TRAIL OF MURDER.
 Release dates:
Sep. 9  on CD on Nightmare Records for NA and DIGITAL (world).
Sep. 26 on CD on Nightmare Records for Eu, UK and Japan.
Sep. 26 on CD on PA Music for Bg and the rest of the world.


From The Desert Of Desire (debut album)


(music: Plamen Uzunov, lyrics: Stoyan Atanassov)
1.The walls of calm and bare silence
They keep me from the raging storm
The one that's gone to distant islands
That's the play that I perform

2.Hidden from the sins of dark
Nightmares are my holydays
I'm not allowed to touch the fire
That's been flaming into the haze

Repeat 1
Repeat 2
To the roads
That far
Offer to me
I shall walk
No farther
‘coz it's not
My destiny

3.Sentenced in the timeless shadow
I have to find another bliss
But inner voices still remind me
The warmness of your eyes I miss

4.The whisper of a fading waft
Gives me strength
To stay alone
‘coz nothing's lost and nothing gained
Except the wishes of my own
(the wishes of my own)


(music & lyrics: Plamen Uzunov)

1.In the darkest corners of your mind
I hide and watch every move you make
And even though you may not realize
All your life you've been my slave
Bridge 1:
I can make you go insane
I'm like poison in your veins
2.You can't escape from my stranglehold
But I'm the reason you're still alive
Heroes never live to get old
You know you need me to survive
Bridge 2:
I'm the voice you can't ignore
Listen to me when I speak
I'll keep tearing at your soul
I make you turn the other cheek
Darkness and despair
Pain you cannot bear
Oh, they mean nothing without me
I make the night become alive
I cut you like a knife
I never die my name is FEAR


(music & lyrics: Plamen Uzunov)
1.Winds howl in the night
Like a voice from the past
They sing of a mythical land
Long gone in the sands of time
2. High walls protected this place
A fortress no army could take
The home of a heavenly race
Who lived in peace in those ancient days
Bridge 1:
And deep inside
The voice whispers of secrets unheard
That we all have forgotten
Or we will never learn
Is it a vision or is it real
Haunting us through our lives
But as long as we still breathe
We'll search for its holy light
3.They were children of gods
Hidden far from the world
They had all we have lost
Will their time ever return?
Bridge 2:
If only we
Could somehow reach this sacred place
But there's no one who can tell us
the secret before it's too late
Is it a vision or is it real
Haunting us through our lives
But as long as we still breathe
We'll search for its holy light

And only at night we travel to this land
And we forget
Our sorrow
Until the morning comes


(music & lyrics: Plamen Uzunov)
1.When the city of the dead awakes
The stars align and the moment's right
I'll feel the pulse in my veins again
That will be our night
Bridge 1:
I've been waiting for this time for ages
2. To you my way I always find
Through the labyrinths of destiny
I know your love will bring me back to life
and set me free.
Bridge 2:
Time has no power over me
Inside this tomb of solid stone
I still see your face so clearly
I call your name, come my love
Every time I die
You die with me
But in every new life
I will wait for you

3.I've been a god, I've been a slave
I've had a thousand lives
Between each two - an eternity awaits
But from this dark I always rise
Bridge 3:
Cause our love it will transcend
The boundaries of time and space
One day we'll break this spell
And be together till the end of days


(music & lyrics: Plamen Uzunov)
1.I've been chasing you
For so long now I'm starting to lose track of time
To bring this to an end
For this world is too small for the two of us
2.I knew this day would come
And here we are
This time you just can't run away
Watch me seal your fate
Through water and fire
I followed you right to the end
To the end of the world
Only one of us will survive
I'll break the chains
I've got nothing left to lose
Now I know all of your secrets
I know your name
I'll be free or I'll die
You are just a shadow
Face me now if you dare
I'll send you back to your world
I won't be your slave


(music:Plamen Uzunov, lyrics: Stoyan Atanassov & Plamen Uzunov)
1.Seems that every move of mine has been foreseen
Intrusive thoughts that they control my needs
A target because of every dime I earn
Though my well-being isn't their concern
2."Good advice" invades through tv-doors
Unwelcome guests politely sneak into our homes
Bimbos share secrets - never lies
Handsome guys take you to paradise
Bridge 1:
They reach deep inside our hearts and our minds
Your own dreams you don't recognize
Replaced by that blinding desire to buy
I wanna see through my own eyes
Can you see the dollar signs in their eyes
Coins clink as they speak
They'll brainwash you till you forget who you are
"Call us now - satisfaction guaranteed
Buy one now and get one free"
3.And every word they say is just a blatant lie
There's more to life than anything you buy
And those new formulas they always speak about
Are just ways to make you lose your mind
4.Read my lips the message hides between the lines
"There's always something missing in your life"
As day by day we sell you even twice
The same old hopes you've bought a million times
Bridge 2:
They smile to your face but the moment you turn
They laugh behind your back. Won't you learn?
It's time to wake up and stop playing their game
Make your life your own again
You're a cash machine of flesh and blood
A slave to your primal needs
Nothing has changed since the times of the flood
They'll always pull your strings

We accept cash or credit cards
If you're broke you can pay with your soul
Heaven's just a call away
Why wait
We can take you there


(music & lyrics: Plamen Uzunov)
1.We live into the here and now
And make the most of our time
Our message is so clear and loud
Metal is our life
(It gives us)
Bridge 1:
To walk through hell
Are we one
Let us hear you yell (hey)
Come on!
And anytime
you feel you are down
All you need
Is to hear that sound
And you'll be fine
2.We've learned one thing from the best
The ones who paved the way
For music time is the greatest test
And metal never fails
Bridge 2:
It comes straight from the heart
No compromise it hits you hard
In your face
It runs through your veins
The adrenaline drives you insane
Let's go
It's deep inside your soul
Since the day you were born
It's been a part of you
It makes you feel alive аnd sets you free
It unites us all
Keeps the fire burning
Makes you break their rules
That's what they'll never take away
No matter what they do or say


(music & lyrics: Plamen Uzunov)
1.The day breaks
We rise from our sleep
And once again reality
Robs us
Of so many dreams
They die unborn
Before they see the dawn
2.And our souls
Are crucified
On the cross of lies
All the ancient lies
That rule
Our lives
And turn our days to memories
Of so much pain
Bridge 1:
And we try to change our fate
Knowing only we can
But time never stops, never waits
For us
And so many dreams are dying
Leaving scars upon our souls
Weird memories of things we never did
Forever lost
3.The day dies
We close tired eyes
And once again reality
Fades away and we become
Who we want to be
Until suddenly
Bridge 2:
We wake up to a brand new day
We're strangers to ourselves
The real world makes us realize
There's no way back


(music & lyrics: Plamen Uzunov)
1.On a glorious land
Soaked with blood and far too many tears
We live today
Selling our souls and losing our way
2.At a crossroads we stand
Proud of our past but more and more it seems
Our future days
Have long been numbered
Can we be saved
Bridge 1:
We think we are strong
But we've left our spirit behind
Inside our hearts we've lost the fight
With fear and lies
Shadows of our forefathers we
Are alone and weary
Can we escape
Our gloomy fate
To follow their legacy
To keep their dignity
Will we disappear without a trace
Without a trace (2)
3.We sink without a sound
Deep in the mud of our greed and anger
It's hard to break away
When everyone's trying to pull you back down
4.So one by one we drown
Still we pretend we never see the danger
Till it's too late
And there is no way out left to be found
Bridge 2:
And waiting for our turn we never find
Peace of mind
With every break of dawn we know
Less who we are

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