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PROJECT ARCADIA is a Bulgarian modern melodic/power metal band. We recorded our new album "A Time Of Changes" with one of the best singers in the genre - Urban breed, whom you might know from his work with bands such as TAD MOROSE, BLOODBOUND and TRAIL OF MURDER.
 Release dates:
Sep. 9  on CD on Nightmare Records for NA and DIGITAL (world).
Sep. 26 on CD on Nightmare Records for Eu, UK and Japan.
Sep. 26 on CD on PA Music for Bg and the rest of the world.


Without a trace (cd single)

Without A Trace
(Plamen Uzunov)

On a glorious land
Soaked with blood and far too many tears
We live today
Selling our souls and losing our way

At a crossroads we stand
Proud of our past but more and more it seems
Our future days
Have long been numbered
Can we be saved

Bridge 1:
We think we are strong
But we've left our spirit behind
Inside our hearts we've lost the fight
With fear and lies

Shadows of our forefathers we
Are alone and weary
Can we escape
Our gloomy fate
To follow their legacy
To keep their dignity
Will we disappear without a trace
Without a trace (2)

We sink without a sound
Deep in the mud of our greed and anger
It's hard to break away
When everyone's trying to pull you back down

So one by one we drown
Still we pretend we never see the danger
Till it's too late
And there is no way out left to be found

Bridge 2:
And waiting for our turn we never find
Peace of mind
With every break of dawn we know
Less who we are

I Will Remember
(Chris DeGarmo)


Lost Paradise
(Plamen Uzunov)

Winds howl in the night
Like a voice from the past
They sing of a mythical land
Long gone in the sands of time

High walls protected this place
A fortress no army could take
The home of a heavenly race
Who lived in peace in those ancient days

And deep inside
The voice whispers of secrets unheard
That we all have forgotten
Or we will never learn

Is it a vision or is it real
Haunting us through our lives
But as long as we still breathe
We'll search for its holy light

They were children of gods
Hidden far from the world
They had all we have lost
Will their time ever return?

Bridge 2:
If only we
Could somehow reach this sacred place
But there's no one who can tell us
the secret before it's too late

Is it a vision or is it real
Haunting us through our lives
But as long as we still breathe
We'll search for its holy light

And only at night we travel to this land
And we forget
Our sorrow
Until the morning comes

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